Why Exposcan?


Most companies in the construction industry are spending a lot of resources in terms of time and money searching for tools

and other equipment, things disappear between projects and new equipment must be purchased, it is also tricky to know when

a machine needs service.  It is simply a challenge to keep track of where things are and what they are used for right now.  

Another concern many businesses are experiencing is also how the costs will be calculated-how many hours does this stopper

machine used in this project? What should the end customer will be billed? With Expo Scan to resolve this, you save both time

and money and, above all, you get full control of your equipment.

Expo Scan is easy to use and you can get started quickly.

- You always know who has the tool / equipment now and who had it last

- Defective tools are noted, no need to get to workplace with stuff that is not working

- You can set the service date of the equipment or date for when a license / certificate is renewed

- You can connect projects directly to the tool

- You can get time reports on how long the tool has been used on specific projects or by a specific employee

- All you need is noticeable - vehicles, containers, machines, etc.

- You can log in at any time and get an overview of your inventory and who uses the tools right now