When can I get started?

To quickly get started and use our service Expo Scan, we first do an inventory and an analysis of your business-this is to be able to offer

such a good and well-adjusted Starter Kit as possible for your particular business. We therefore offer an initial free consultation where

we together with you going through the service in more detail and discusses how an arrangement might look like.   

We can offer different packages depending on how large your company is, free service and support is always included, and of course we

will help you with setting up new equipment in the system to be marked up, we educate both administrators and users to feel safe with

the service and support you through the entire process.

So in short, it goes like this:  

- A consultation where we together meet your needs

- We decide together which starter package suits you "We train your staff in the system

- We put up tools / equipment in the system and list your inventory with QR codes "We support you throughout the process and ensure that the implementation runs smoothly

- You will then receive full support from our staff